Friday, March 9, 2012

Fingernail Fancy

I have been really excited about nail polish recently. It doesn't always smell the best, but there are so many fun colors and textures.

Sparkles are one of my favs, but sometimes they need a few coats to be super cool. It also is hard to tell exactly what they will look like until their on your fingers, but it is fun to play around with layering the sparkles on top of another color.

Black nail polish has really come into fashion recently. When I was a little kid this would never have been remotely interesting to me over the other bright colors, but there is definitely a subtle elegance in it.

If you're opposed to the toxic smell there is this odorless kind of watercolor nail polish. It is fairly expensive, but doesn't make you feel like your putting chemicals all over your fingers, and it actually goes on really smoothly and lasts for a decent amount of time compared to some that just chip right off.
Just another one of my momentary obsessions,
<3 Rosie

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