Friday, April 26, 2013

Adventures in PDX

Well, by the time I'm getting around to posting about our spring break trip spring break feels like eons ago, but here goes.  Rosie, me, and our friend Jenica decided to take a road trip to Portland for break, partially to check out the colleges down there (ahhhh, graduation is in two months!), and partially to explore a new city, get away from Deming life for a little while, eat good food, and just relax. 

Of course, I Instagrammed like crazy and was a total dork taking pictures of all the food we ate everywhere.  It was fun.  Everyone else tolerated it.  Good times :)

Here are some pictures from our adventures.



Voodoo doughnuts, of course.  We waited in line for about a half hour, and were informed by other late-night doughnut eaters that that was actually a pretty quick wait at this place.

So much good art! We visited the art departments at a few schools, and I came out so inspired.

We walked around PSU, which is literally right downtown Portland, then bused over the river to REED College, which was completely different but also very cool.

One of the most memorable meals of my life at the Bollywood Theater.  Sooo recommended.

Salt and Straw, where we got some insane ice cream.  My flavors: 1. balsamic strawberry and black pepper 2. pear blue cheese.  Yeah, you heard me right.  It was weird.  And strangely delicious. 

 Boke Bowl, also super tasty and a really cool spot.

The beautiful river and downtown in the sunshine.

This was our last meal of the trip and suprisingly our first food cart.  It was so good and a very good first Portland food cart experience.  And it's a food CART in Portland, not a truck.  We were informed of this.  Insistently.

It was an awesome trip, and I can't wait to go back.  There are still so many places we need to check out!

xo, mason